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after you’ve been through like a string of fandoms and you’ve decided your favourite character/s for each one, there will come a day when you will list all your faves from each fandom side by side and look at them carefully and realise

you have a type

This fucked me up



does ke$ha go by k€sha in europe 

i dunno ask

me:  that scene was so painful
me:  that scene made me actually physically cry
me:  that scene was emotionally scarring
me:  better rewatch it 800 times


>saves rare items for the most dire of situations

>gets through the whole game without using any of them



a family friend of mine is a gigantic book/movie/tv nerd and when she married her husband their biggest struggle was the fact that they now had two copies of every book, dvd, and boxed set and that is the kind of marriage I aspire to have

That is so beautiful.


being in a school building after hours is a very surreal and creepy thing like if you listen closely you can hear the ghosts of the dreams of children and teachers asking you why you didn’t go to the bathroom during the break


What I really like about Stan Lee is his attitude of like “you want to make a movie about my characters? Fantastic! Can I be like, a busdriver in it? I’m sure whatever you come up with will be fantastic, but can I please play the janitor? I love how you guys are reinventing my stuff and having fun with it but can there be a scene where a grumpy old man plays chess in a park the heroes run through”